Meet Your Teammates


Huggins and Scott Auctions is a constantly growing company. Since our last auction (February 2009), where we grossed over $1.5 Million, we have more staff as well as field representatives in five additional locations. Should you have an interest in joining our staff, we are always looking for part-time field representatives in new areas. Call our main office toll free 1-866-462-2273 and ask for Bill Huggins; it's a no lose situation for you, as well as a chance to make some serious money. Now, here are your Teammates:

Bill Huggins: The President of the company and a major figure at the last 25 Nationals as well as most major trade shows in the country for the past 20+ years, Bill has seen and played an up-front part in taking this hobby from a collecting fad to a multimillion dollar industry. From spectacular finds (the first T206 Doyle variation ever sold) to widely accepted revolutionary auction techniques (the 30 minute rule) Bill is always looking for ways to better the business that has been his life. While his schedule is extremely demanding, his insistence that customer satisfaction comes first is always the utmost of his priorities. You will often find when calling our main office that he will answer the phone himself. Bill’s interests include collecting fine wines (a passion he acquired from his mentor Uncle Dick), game-used bats and the endless pursuit of the ultimate Hogan’s Heroes set.

John Scott Sr: From his early days as the auctioneer at the legendary Willow Grove shows to his amazing 2nd place finish at one of the earliest recorded card flipping contests ever held at a sports card show (You Go Danny!), John has played a immeasurable part in the growth of this hobby. His vast knowledge of vintage sports and especially non-sports cards and memorabilia are an invaluable resource to our company. His passion is original card artwork and his collection of such items is unapproachable.

Josh Wulkan: It’s tough to describe all of Josh’s duties at Huggins and Scott. He really has a hand in every aspect of the business, and these catalogs and our internet site would not be anywhere close to what they are without him. He is our west coast consignments and acquisitions representative as well as our advertising manager, Vice President and part-owner. Josh entered the hobby at the ripe old age of 13, and now some 20+ years later he brings a work ethic and attention for details that are second to none. While his youthful appearance may deceive you at first, he has game that will impress you.

John Scott Jr: Some of John’s earliest childhood memories include baseball card shows. From the Howard Johnson’s in Wheaton, Maryland to the George Washington Motor Lodge in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, John was there. Now, as the attorney for the company, John provides legal counsel on many subjects relating to the auction business. It’s always a thrill when John comes out from behind his desk and joins us at the National. John’s collecting interests continue to be primarily historical memorabilia and non-sport cards.

Steve Dickler: Our leader every auction in consignments, Steve is constantly traveling the Philly and South New Jersey area to secure many major collections for our auctions. A tireless professional, Steve brings an unequaled knowledge of the right way to do business and the ability to handle and adapt to vastly different collections he sees on a daily basis. We are truly honored to have him representing our company. Steve’s hobby interests focus mainly on older and tough to find unopened boxes. If you are ever looking for a tough - or just popular at the time - case, box or pack, a call to Steve might just surprise you.

Kevin Heffner: With the title of head writer Kevin has an immense task for each auction and handles the job with the utmost of professionalism. Many of you who have consigned items to us have probably had the pleasure of dealing with Kevin in his endless quest for the perfect write-up. He often emails and converses with our consignors to extract all possible information about the items he and his staff are writing about. Kevin hails from the “cheesesteak” capital of the world and his main collecting interests are “xx” rated as in Jimmie.

Stefan Wisinski: After joining our staff roughly 4 years ago, Stefan has established himself as our “Jack of all Trades”. While still a babe in calendar years, Stefan's “spongelike” approach to his day-to-day duties is impressive. There is no task he is afraid to take on. Stefan comes from the “Steel City” and takes pride in his love for the Stillers and Buccos.

Matt Flores: Matt joined our writing team full time in May, and while some people have speed and others accuracy, when you find the two combined you get a true winner. That's Matt. From his writing and research duties to helping out with photographs and an occasional show appearance, Matt never stops. Matt’s collecting interests focus on players from all sports who attended his alma mater, the University of Maryland.

Kris Fraley: A new member of our team, Kris joins Huggins and Scott as the head of our shipping department. He will be responsible for quick and efficient packing and shipping of all auction items. Thus far, he has impressed us all.

James Feagin: James came to us from the 9-5 daily grind work force with a desire to pursue his true calling in life of writing and researching vintage cards and memorabilia. “Where have you been James” is all I can say. His write-ups clearly reflect the passion he possesses for this hobby and his knowledge of the game is astonishing. A true asset to our team. James’ collecting interests are in the old, odd and unusual.

Mark Raines: What an acquisition! Like hitting the lottery in the free-agent market, Mark joins our writing staff with a knowledge base and writing style that is immeasurable. He specializes in game-used material and memorabilia, but will be asked to employ his writing to virtually any lot in the auction (and we know he will succeed). Hailing from "Charm City," Mark literally wears his love for the Orioles and Ravens virtually every day.

Collin Corbin: Collin has quickly established himself as our photographing and scanning guru. All those crystal clear photos in the catalog and on our website can be attributed to Collin’s attention to detail and eye for perfection. No matter how much is thrown at him at the end, he always finds a way to get it done (and get it done well).

Chuck Bortnick: What can we say but “He’s Back”. After a 7 year stint in his brother’s car business, Chuck has rejoined our staff as our local area rep and is also running the day-to-day operations of House of Cards. His true love has always been this hobby, ever since he was Bill’s original partner back in 1980. Chuck is our road warrior for retrieving collections within a 500-or-so mile radius of our home office. If you have a sizable collection that needs to be picked up, you may just see Chuck’s smiling face at your door one day.

Dick DeCourcy: What can we say about “Uncle Dick, The Legend” While building Georgia Music and Sports from a basement business to one of the largest mass distributors this industry has ever seen, Dick has seen and done it all. Now that he is semi-retired, we are honored to have him on our staff as our North Carolina/Georgia/South Carolina representative. Should you be in that area and wish to discuss your consignments, give him a call. You will NEVER meet a finer gentleman, who respects this hobby and exudes class from dawn till wine time!

Richard Wiercinski: A savvy show veteran dealer for many years, Richard’s passion is vintage cards. He joined our staff in 2005 and has provided many quality items in this catalog. Richard represents the NJ/NY area for us and is highly qualified to handle any collection. If you're in the North Jersey area, and would like to discuss sale or consignment of your collection, call Richard; you'll love working with him.

Ron Vitro: From Aaron autographs to Zelmo Beatty's jersey, Ron has seen and handled it all. If you are in the New York area and have vintage sports cards or memorabilia to sell or consign, Ron is the man to call. A true professional in every sense of the word, we are honored to have him working with us.

Ricky Huggins: Ricky has literally grown up in a ‘House of Cards’. With his father owning the same named business for his entire life he has heard terms like wax box, factory set and mint corners since he could remember. Now a student at Slippery Rock College in western Pennsylvania, Ricky is well qualified to handle your sale or consignment needs between classes.

Kevin Endo: Originally from the Washington, DC area, Kevin is now retired from the Navy and covers the Ohio, Kentucky and Erie, PA area. A real go-getter, Kevin will amaze you with his knowledge and enthusiasm about many aspects of this hobby. His honesty and integrity go along way toward securing many valuable collections for our auction. If you are in his area and have consignments to discuss, call Kevin 24/7. He never sleeps!

Ed Como: Excited and thankful to be back in the hobby after a 20 year absence, Ed handles the MA/CT area with the hopes of securing exciting collections from one of the true “vintage” areas of our country. Ed prides himself in making sure that the potential consignor is completely comfortable with the entire auction process from start to finish. If you’re interested in consigning that Babe Ruth ball that’s been sitting on the mantle or that “hidden treasure”, give Ed a call, you will not be disappointed.

Steve Slockett: A veteran of the hobby, Steve brings us valuable experience in the consignments and acquisitions department. He travels to most of the major east coast shows and covers the West Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania areas for us.

Steve Phillips: Air traffic controller by day and consignments and acquisitions director in Arlington, Texas by night. Steve has already turned over several terrific consignments in the Lone Star State and is always looking for more. Contact him with what you have - he's great to work with.

J.D. Heckathorn: We are extremely thrilled to have added this well-respected hobby veteran to our staff. J.D. hails from the great state of Indiana and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on vintage cards and memorabilia. Don’t let his “boyish” looks fool you, J.D. can handle everything from 1880-2007 with the class and style that will impress you. He is still active on the major Midwest show circuit; should you be in that area and have items to discuss for either sale or consignment, give J.D. a call.

Jay Strecker: With our local area business growing daily, we were in need of a Baltimore area representative. Enter Jay Strecker. A long time Baltimore native, Jay is a tireless worker who travels every day to look at collections. Well schooled in cards and especially memorabilia, there is not much Jay has not seen. If you have a collection of any size in the Balmr’ area, give Jay a call; he’s always willing to travel.

Michael Golsteyn: Yet another expansion to the Midwest region of the country, Michael hails from the western part of Michigan. His knowledge base includes vintage cards and memorabilia and he is always willing to help you turn your collection into cash. If you are anywhere close to him, you won't be disappointed with his friendly customer service and knowledge of the hobby.

Jay Dyer: Yet another expansion to the southeastern region of the country, Jay hails from the northern part of Florida. His knowledge base includes early vintage cards and memorabilia and he is always willing to help you turn your collection into cash. If you are in the southern Georgia or north or central Florida area, you won't be disappointed with his friendly customer service and knowledge of the hobby.

Kent Feddeman: A tremendous Washington area transplant to the southeastern part of Florida. Kent's knowledge of the Washington Senators and vintage memorabilia is virtually unmatched in the industry. He is always willing to help you turn your entire collection into cash. If you are anywhere close to him, you won't be disappointed with his friendly customer service and knowledge of the hobby.

Craig Crampton: Yet another expansion in the Washington, DC/metro area, Craig lives in the northern Virginia area and is more than capable of handling your entire collection. His knowledge base includes vintage cards and memorabilia. If you are anywhere close to him, feel free to give him a call.

Steve Buckholtz: One of the true "gems" of the hobby, Steve Buckholtz patrols the upper part of New York, plus attends virtually every major show around the country. He will be happy to help you turn your entire collection into that green paper that you can use to buy things. No collection is too big, too small or too off-condition for "Buck".

Chris Buckler: A hobby veteran who specializes in just about anything and everything. Chris joins our staff as our Louisville, KY representative, looking to add tobacco, derby and a variety of other vintage related items from the Bluegrass State. If you are in that area and have vintage items, contact Chris; he is as knowledgeable as anyone in the industry.

Tim Fassler: Tim joins our list of field representatives to patrol the mid-west. He was a consignment representative for Teletrade from 1995-2000 and his extensive knowledge of vintage sports and non-sports cards will be a huge benefit to us. He will be happy to help turn any vintage collection in the St. Louis area into cash.

Kyle Cole: Kyle, a new addition to our growing list of field representatives, handles the extreme northern central part of the country for us. He will be looking for any and all vintage cards and collections in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Should be in that area, and are looking to sell or consign your collection, you will be in great hands with Kyle.

Jason Chartrand: Jason secures our north-of-the-border consignments and acquisitions. His knowledge of high-grade vintage cards is among the best in the industry. He attends nearly all major trade shows (and bars) across both countries and is a valuable addition to our field rep staff. If you are in Canada, and anywhere near Montreal, feel free to contact Jason and he can help you consign your collection to us. "Another Bucket" please.

Mike Nelson: Mike joins our company as a recently retired, vintage card-enthusiast from the Rocky Mountain region of our country. Should you have quality collectibles that you would like to consign and Mike is your closest representative, contact him today and see how he can help turn your collection into cash.

John Carpentier: John is new to our team, but not to sports card and memorabilia collecting. He has 30 years of experience including 16 years owning a sports memorabilia store. He has authored price guides, editorials and hosted radio and television shows about the sports card hobby. His knowledge of the industry, especially in the upper midwest is second to none. If you are in Wisconsin or MIchigan's upper peninsula, give John a call to see how he can help you turn your collection into CASH.

David Nielsen: David is recently retired and is anxious to help turn over vintage collections from the Phoenix, AZ area. He is ready to visit you and explain how Huggins and Scott Auctions can help turn your cards and collectibles into real money.

Scott Miller: Scott joins us from the Tucson, AZ area, where he is hoping to help you turn your vintage cards and collectibles into needed cash. Contact Scott today if you are ready to see how easy it can be.

Bob Brill: Bob joins our staff after closing his sports card shop in southern California earlier this year. His knowledge and professionalism impressed us and we're sure it will you, as well. If you're in SOCAL and are looking to turn your collection into cash, contact Bob.

Bob Hallman: Bob handles consignments from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. A hobby veteran who has a well-rounded knowledge of cards and memorabilia. If you are looking to turn your collection into spendable money, contact Bob - he will explain how easy we make it.

Rich DeCourcy: Staying in the DeCourcy family, we have added Rich DeCourcy and his wealth of knowledge to our field rep staff. Rich patrols the Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas. If you're in the "heartland" and have items to consign, contact Rich to turn it into green paper!


We now have Consignment Representatives all over the country,
ready to help turn your entire collection into CASH!
Call or email your closest representative today.

Main Office:
Bill Huggins
900 Silver Spring Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910
1-866-462-2273 or (301) 608-0355

Phila/Lower NJ Office:
Steve Dickler
1490 Clinton Dr
Yardley, PA 19067
(215) 493-6901 or (215) 530-4365

NC/GA/SC Office:
Dick DeCourcy
PO Box 2587
Highlands, NC 28741
(828) 342-2693

SF/Oak, CA Office:
Josh Wulkan
4272 Norton Ave
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 530-1156

Mass/CT Office:
Ed Como
41 Bristol St
Chicopee, MA 01013
(413) 348-4930

New York Office:
Ron Vitro
PO Box 15
New Rochelle, NY 10804
(914) 235-5478

Upper New Jersey Office:
Richard Wiercinski
(201) 417-6282

Dallas, TX Office:
Stephen Phillips
4320 Field Gate Ct
Arlington, TX 76016
(817) 454-4344

West Virginia Office:
Stephen Slockett
PO Box 368
Fayetteville, WV 25840
(304) 237-6298

Indiana Office:
J.D. Heckathorn
1229 Madison
Rochester, IN 46975
(574) 223-4320

Ohio Office:
Kevin Endo
PO Box 647
Williamsfield, OH 44093
(440) 293-4478

Western PA Office:
Ricky Huggins
(301) 928-0256

Western MI Office:
Michael Golsteyn
6555 Skyridge Dr
Belmont, MI 49306
(616) 218-9334

Baltimore, MD Office:
Jay Strecker
602 Eagles Wing Ct
Linthicum, MD 21090
(410) 850-0782

N. & Cent. Fla/S. Ga Rep:
Jay Dyer
60 Clubhouse Dr, Unit 104
Palm Coast, FL 32137
(386) 597-7552

SE Fla Office:
Kent Feddeman
780 NE 37th St
Boca Raton, FL 33431
(561) 573-4975

No. Virginia Office:
Craig Crampton
43304 Burke Dale St
South Riding, VA 20152
(703) 220-4718

Maine, NH & VT Office:
Bret Ackerman
PO Box 1061
Rye, NH 03870
(603) 490-7474

Upstate New York Rep:
Steve Buckholtz
1000 Murray Hill Rd
Vestal, NY 13850
(607) 798-9477

Louisville, KY Office:
Chris Buckler
3705 Longview Rd
Louisville, KY 40299
(502) 727-2921

St. Louis, MO Office:
Tim Fassler
PMB 273
12330 Tesson Ferry Rd
St. Louis, MO 63128
(314) 640-0008

Minn, ND, SD Office:
Kyle Cole
314 N. Circle Drive
Rothsay, MN 56579
(218) 867-2757

Montreal, PQ Canada Office:
Jason Chartrand
355 Caledonia Ave
Dorval, PQ H9S 2Y1
(514) 631-0332

Denver, CO Rep:
Mike Nelson
3087 South Garland Court
Lakewood, CO 80227
(303) 989-8069

Green Bay, WI Rep:
John Carpentier
PO Box 28354
Green Bay, WI 54324
(920) 497-4790 or (920) 265-4133

Phoeniz, AZ Rep:
David Nielsen
15212 N. Lorma Lane
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
(480) 816-0354

Tucson, AZ Rep:
Scott Miller
101 E. Corte Rancho Centro
Sahuarita, AZ 85629
(520) 777-3379

So. California Rep:
Bob Brill
PO Box 7408
Ventura, CA 93006
(805) 658-1076

Minneapolis, MN Rep:
Bob Hallman
2370 Manuela Drive
Chaska, MN 55318
(952) 448-5143

Kansas City, MO Rep:
Rich DeCourcy
203 Oak St
Greenwood, MO 64034
(816) 419-6930

Chicago, IL Rep:
Chris Snyder
14867 Steven Ct
Lemont, IL 60439
(630) 885-0007